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    Is there life after music? We all have our auditive off-days every now and then when music just won't sound the same. Sometimes the everyday noise of life itself sounds just about right to tug in on the couch or favorite chair and read a book or some interesting atricles. So to answer the initial question: there will always be. Just as there will alwas be music.

    To give your ears a well deseverd rest yet to keep your mind focused on everything 'sound' we created these page where we publish every now and then about our thoughts on 'the being of sound' and ramblings from the workshop.

    posted September 25 2023 by Jord

    The sound of your dreams

    Have you ever experienced the sensation of waking up with a song playing in your mind, its melodies lingering in your thoughts? This fascinating occurrence, often referred to as an 'earworm', sheds light on the intricate relationship between music and dreams. How exactly do music and our subconscious intertwine? And what impact do they have on our dreams, sparking inspiration for musicians and artists? Read more

    posted July 27 2023 by Jord

    The sound of universality

    We are sure that we have the most amazing job in the world. Our work revolves around our passion for music, and we are fortunate to spread it to people worldwide. With connections that stretch from Germany to Taiwan (and beyond), we thoroughly enjoy exploring different places. We’ve learned that music holds a profound influence that transcends boundaries, bringing together individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Read more

    posted July 03 2023 by Jord

    The sound of Munich 2.0

    Remember when we teased you about our trip to Munich to attend the High End Audio Show from May 18 to 21? Well, we're back, and we had a blast! Our week was an exhilarating whirlwind of streamers, music, forging new connections, rekindling old friendships, and indulging in traditional Bavarian delights like beer and schnitzels. Now, it's time to tell you all about our unforgettable experiences! Read more

    posted May 30 2023 by Jord

    'It is warm, it is sincere, and it is real.'

    What does ‘sound’ mean to a graphic designer? It can mean almost everything, when listening to Michel. An audiophile, one could name him. When considering his most current activities, that seems most certainly to be true. Michel writes content about audio, reviews audio products for magazines and websites and is involved in product development in two audio companies. But to Michel sound is much more than work alone. ‘If there was no music, what would there be left?’ Read more

    posted April 21 2023 by Jord

    The sound of Munich

    You probably know by now that at Pink Faun, we like to cross borders – literally and figuratively. You've read about our travels through Europe. Basel, Porto Viro, Roma, and Munich are just some of the destinations that we've visited over the past months. Speaking of which... We're heading off to Munich once again! Read more

    posted April 13 2023 by Jord

    The sound of Formula One

    When you walk into an audiophile's office, you wouldn't expect to be greeted with an F1- wall. And yet, that is exactly the case at Pink Faun HQ. Pictures of iconic racing cars, hero’s like Gijs van Lennep, James Hunt, Michael Schumacher, Jos Verstappen, Ayrton Senna and layouts of circuits are just some examples of decorations on the office walls... Read more

    posted March 13 2023 by Jord

    The sound of Europe

    Now the new year 2023 is on the way and new shows and visits are in the planning, I’d like to reminisce of late summer 2022, when we went for a mini work trip through Europe. 4000 KM in Four days, three countries, and countless memories. Have a look at our travel diary... Read more

    posted March 02 2023 by Jord

    The sound of the 2.16 ultra

    What makes Pink Faun unique as a music server manufacturer is that we have been in the business for almost three decades. That marks almost thirty years of designing all kinds of audio equipment, including tube amps, CD-players, DAC's and high efficiency loudspeakers. Almost thirty years of learning about vibration, the impact of the power supply and the importance of circuitry design and choice of components. Almost thirty years of experience, growth and quality, which comes together in the Pink Faun 2.16 ultra. Read more

    posted February 13 2023 by Jord

    The sound of Pink Faun

    Pink Faun is music, quality, personality, experiences, perfection, high end and rebellious. But WHO is Pink Faun? Get to know the people behind the technology! Read more

    posted February 10 2023 by Jord

    The sound of the
    Mahler Student Festival Orchestra

    As much as we love listening to music through the Pink Faun ultra 2.16, we're also not averse to some live classical music. Singing silken strings, throbbing oboes and flutes, mighty drums and expressive percussions all mingle together to a magical unity that leaves you enchanted for days. That's why we want to introduce you to the Mahler Student Festival Orchestra! Read more

    posted December 15 2022 by Jord

    The sound of your thoughts

    Sound is everywhere. We constantly hear sounds, even when we think it's quiet. When you pause to think about it, our body's ability to translate all these sounds into a mental picture is incredible. Not only is our brain able to generate meaning, it can also locate the source of the sound and filter out irrelevant noises... Read more

    posted October 07 2022 by Jord

    The sound of music

    Many of us grew up watching the Von Trapp family. The opening scene of the film, in which you see Maria spinning around in the mountains of Salzburg while singing 'The Sound of Music', is one you don't forget easily. But why do certain songs stick with us? Read more

    posted September 02 2022 by Jord

    The sound of nature

    When was the last time you were out and about in nature? What did you hear, and how did it make you feel? The sounds of nature are diverse, astonishing, fascinating – and they're even good for your health... Read more

    posted april 29 2022 by Jord

    The sound of listening

    Music is all around us. At the hairdresser, on television commercials, in the office. Most of the times, you simply hear the music while you do other things. It isn't until you eliminate those distractions and give music your full attention that you're engaged in active listening... Read more

    posted april 15 2022 by Jord

    The sound of the ocean

    The definition of casual magic: holding a shell to your ear and hearing the sound of the ocean. Those large, spiral conch shells that you brought back home from holiday as a souvenir worked best. You might not have known exactly how, but you were sure that the ocean was somehow trapped inside that shell... Read more

    posted april 1 2022 by Jord

    The sound of silence

    Sound is everywhere these days, even though there seems to be an increasing need for silence. However, real silence is unattainable, and would be intolerable. But by learning to appreciate sound, you can come closer to silence than you'd think... Read more