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Digital does not exist. Digital is an analog signal (in its purest form a square wave) that is interpreted as a 1 or a 0. In reality, it is impossible to generate a purely square wave, and we have to deal with noise: an unwanted disturbance in an electrical signal.

Our goal in designing Pink Faun bridges is to keep it clean and simple. We believe in the principle: if you add nothing, you do not have to filter out anything. Pink Faun bridges are designed to keep interference in the digital signal to a minimum. Think of low noise linear regulation with pre and post choke / PI filtering, low noise accurate OCXO clock, and fast and simple electronic circuits with high-quality components. Our range of digital output cards consists of an USB bridge, SPDIF bridge, and an I2S bridge.

In case you need something special, please contact us, and we can discuss what our engineers can do for you..