The sound of Pink Faun - Pink Faun

posted February 13 2023 by Jord

The sound of Pink Faun

Pink Faun is music, quality, personality, experiences, perfection, high end and rebellious. But WHO is Pink Faun? Get to know the people behind the technology!

From Mattijs...

Pink Faun started in the 90’s with Mattijs de Vries. 'I am the founder of Pink Faun. I graduated in Applied Physics at the University of Twente, where I studied ultra-low noise super conducting magnetic field sensors. My passion is building power supplies, trying out new concepts and listening to the sound of different parts, circuit topology and equipment. I have gained a lot of experience in the sound behavior of parts during trading of them, advising people and getting their feedback in return, and building and modifying my own equipment. All this knowledge comes together in the Pink Faun designs.' Jord

Next to Mattijs, you'll usually find Jord Groen. 'I started back in 2011 as Mattijs' employee. What followed was a turbulent but amazing time. I got more and more involved in the development of Pink Faun (music servers). Back then, music streaming in high end audio was still quite new. In fact, music streaming was pretty much abhorred in high end audio. But we were sure that this would be the future and that digital music showed huge potential. And boy, were we right!'

'In 2018, me (Jord) and Mattijs started talking about the future of the company. Back then, we still operated under the name Triple M Audio shop with various activities, where developing Pink Faun equipment was one of these activities. During the Triple M audio shop time Pink Faun was only the name of the products we sold. Soon, we decided that I would take over the IP of Pink Faun and turned the brand name into an actual company, which would turn me into the official owner with Mattijs still being part as a designer in the company! A massive achievement that I'm still incredibly proud of.'

Small volume, quality over quantity

Jord: 'Our goal? We don't aim for high volume, we produce in small batches and do everything by hand. This gives us full control over every aspect of the production and guarantees highest care and attention to quality. We just want to deliver great music in your room, No shenanigans, no caveats, no surprises. And no mass production. That's what separates us from most others. One great advantage of working at a small volume is that it allows us to use the best parts available, as these are only found in smaller quantities. We don't want to mass-produce or work as cost-effective as possible. We're about doing what is needed to be able to ensure a pristine product. And prices follow automatically. Our products don't need any modifications: this already is done standardly. It usually takes 2 or 3 years of listening and optimizing before a new product is introduced to the market.'

High quality and service

Jord continues: 'We only work with a select amount of special selected distributors and dealers. Only those with good sense and knowledge are selected to sell our products. And what's more, we like to keep contact personal at all times. We can always be reached and we know many of our customers personally. We even regularly visit customers throughout Europe. This is how we're able to keep delivering the high quality and service we stand for. And of course it keeps us inspired to create the best listening experience possible!'

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