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ultra usb bridge

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ultra USB bridge

The Pink Faun ultra USB bridge is the result of years of dedication to innovation in digital technology and power supply design. Initially cautious about the use of USB connections in high-end audio setups, we recognize it has become a standard for DACs. As a leading music server and streamer manufacturer, our commitment is to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers no matter what connection. This commitment led us to spend 18 months refining and perfecting the Pink Faun ultra USB bridge.

Digital audio playback at high-end levels presents unique challenges. Although the digital data remains consistent, converting this data into an analog signal that produces 'music' introduces complexities such as noise and jitter. These issues are typically not a concern in purely digital settings, but they become very crucial in audio applications. Our goal has been to develop products that effectively address and minimize these factors to enhance audio quality.

To tackle these challenges, we've employed innovative approaches in power supply design, signal circuitry design, clock signals, anti-vibration/anti-resonance solutions, shielding, and software/firmware optimization. The outcome is the Pink Faun ultra USB bridge, a masterpiece of precision engineering and high tech applications, weighing over 0,600kg, CNC-milled shielding out of a single billet of aluminum, and equipped with a powerful ultra-low noise 20,000,000uF supercapacitor power supply, and rounded off by our in-house developed Pink Faun ultra OCXO clock offering a phase noise specification below -130dB @ 10Hz offset from the 20MHz carrier.

Super capacitors offer several advantages over conventional electrolytic capacitors and batteries. A super capacitor is a film capacitor which excel in longevity, speed and low leakage current. But the most standout feature of the super capacitors lies in their high energy density, allowing them to store significantly more energy per unit volume or mass compared to conventional capacitors.

Super capacitors boast high power density, enabling rapid energy delivery and absorption, ideal for scenarios requiring quick energy discharge and recharge. The extended cycle life of super capacitors ensures reliability for long-term use. Additionally, their low equivalent series resistance (ESR) enhances overall performance and efficiency by minimizing energy losses during charge and discharge cycles.

Utilizing super capacitors in the Pink Faun ultra USB bridge offers battery-like power supply operations without associated drawbacks, such as limited capacity- and temperature range, degradation over time, weight and size, and charging time. Super capacitors have a simpler carbon based structure that allows for rapid charging and discharging without the risk of chemical imbalances or degradation. Therefore, super capacitors do not require periodic maintenance such as deep cycling or equalization charging like batteries.

In the design of the USB bridge, the separation of its four main components -Vbus, clock, IO, and core- is crucial. Utilizing three separate banks with super capacitors totaling 20,000,000uF greatly isolates these components, effectively eliminating interference and noise coupling, thus ensuring clean power which is essential for the proper operation of any digital circuit and clocks.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the design of the ultra USB bridge, particularly in the hand-drawn, multi-layer PCB board. Hand designing the PCB boards layout allows for more creativity and flexibility in component placement and routing and enables the freedom to experiment with different layouts without being constrained by the limitations of software. This ambitious project has set a new benchmark for digital playback through USB connection.

At the core of the Pink Faun ultra USB bridge is the AS-media ASM3142 chipset, complemented by the Pink Faun ultra OCXO clock, advanced firmware, and an enhanced power supply section.

Pink Faun is renowned for setting high standards in power supply design. The ultra USB bridge is no exception and features a supercapacitor power supply built around the low-dropout LT3086 regulators, achieving an impressively low 40µVRMS noise level across the 10Hz to 100kHz range. The LT3086 regulators provide a swift transient response and minimal output noise, making them ideal for sensitive RF applications.
To achieve truly low noise over a wide bandwidth (MHz), more than just excellent regulators are needed. Pink Faun also heavily focuses on aspects like rectification, component selection, pi filters, HF decoupling, and rectifiers. For example, we incorporate an additional post-HF filter behind each regulator, effectively eliminating any residual noise and new noise generated by the regulator itself.
Powering the ultra USB bridge can be achieved through a 5V supply via the LP-4 Molex connector or an external 5V power source, with the external DC input featuring a 5.5/2.5mm barrel center positive configuration. When an external power supply is connected, the ultra USB bridge automatically switches to it, disconnecting power from the LP-4 Molex connector.

The Pink Faun ultra USB bridge is microcontroller equipped with proprietary firmware. This microcontroller verifies the connected voltage before activation, ensuring the ultra USB bridge only powers up when the voltage is accurate and stable. It also controls the status LED located above the USB output connector, indicating when the supercapacitors are charging and when the ultra USB bridge is running solely from the supercapacitors once fully charged. In case of a faulty connection, overvoltage, or any other error, the status LED can display error codes for quick and easy troubleshooting. This precautionary measure is particularly important when using an external power supply, protecting against potential damage from incorrect voltage connections.

The Pink Faun ultra USB bridge is exclusively available for all Pink Faun streamers (2.16, 2.16x and 2.16 ultra). New order 2.16 ultra's can be factory fitted with the ultra USB bridge, whilst current Pink Faun USB bridges (v1 and v2) are subject for a trade-in program. Please ask your Pink Faun dealer or contact Pink Faun directly for details.

The ultra USB bridge is delivered in a sturdy flight case, and comes with an ultra DC cable, and a pair of gloves.

To maximize the performance of your Pink Faun ultra USB bridge, we highly recommend pairing it with our Pink Faun USB Cable. This combination represents that musical playback through USB has come to age and more. Learn more about our USB Cable here.