Digital interlink USB - Pink Faun

Digital interlink USB

- Optimized signal part - Optimized power part - Pink Faun non-inductive tin-plated extruded wiring - Telflon / Cotton insulation - Multible HF and LF shielding (mil spec) - Very durable

The Pink Faun Digital Cable Series are all made by hand by our own craftsmen. Each digital cable is designed for its specific task. All of these fully-handmade cables have one very important feature in common: they are made with our in-house developed, non-inductive tin-plated copper conductors, extruded through a framework of ultra-low dielectric fabrics and PTFE tubing. During the design of the Pink Faun Digital cables, we approach digital as an analogue signal that’s interpreted as 1 or 0 by the sender and receiver. The Digital Cable Series are all designed to minimize the influence of the cable while transporting the digital signal. Our cables are very neutral, without any harshness or coloration. If you are looking for tight, fast and rhythmic digital interlinks, the Pink Faun Digital series will deliver: No Sound, Just Music!

The Pink Faun USB Cable is available in three standard lengths.
Contact us if you need a custom length.
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