USB bridge

Computers are increasingly used in high-quality audio reproduction. The major advantage of a computer versus an embedded system is the great freedom and upgrade possibilities that a computer offers. In addition, computers are often equipped with powerful processors for easy processing of DSD streams, DSP settings and/or upsampling.

There are more and more manufacturers who use computer technology in their digital playback devices. Though, the built-in DAC in computers (part of the motherboard) is not sufficient enough to realize a high-quality digital to analog conversion. An external DAC is necessary. The Pink Faun USB bridge realizes a high-quality USB connection between the music computer and the DAC. The Pink Faun USB bridge also works as a filter to eliminate as many negative effects from the computer as possible and to allow a digital signal that is as clean as possible.

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  • The Pink Faun USB bridge is a high-quality PCIe card to connect your computer based streamer to your DAC. The USB bridge plays both DSD and PCM files, the only limitation the USB bridge has is the maximum input resolution of USB receiver in the DAC. The Pink Faun USB bridge is literally plug & play. No drivers needed to be installed to use the USB bridge. Depending on the platform on which the USB bridge is used, only the drivers for the DAC’s receiver must be installed. This is no different from using the USB DAC without the Pink Faun USB bridge. To achieve maximum musicality the Pink Faun USB card has all low noise linear regulation (with pre and post choke / PI filtering) for core, USB and clock. Each Pink Faun USB bridge is clocked with a TCXO clock embedded on the card. Although this clock provides outstanding results, there’s always room to improve. Therefore, the Pink Faun USB bridge offers a very simple upgrade system for its clock. The clock upgrade is mounted on a separate board and is very easy to install on the USB bridge. No need to solder on or program anything in the USB bridge. The clock upgrade can also be carried out at a later stage, no technical knowledge is required. The clock upgrade is easy to place and the USB bridge automatically switches to the improved clock. The USB bridge can be powered through the standard 4-pin molex, but is also equipped with 2.5 mm barrel input for connecting an external linear power supply to lift sound quality even further.