Signature Interlink XLR

The Pink Faun Signature Balanced Interlink is made with only one goal in mind: linking your various pieces of equipment like they’re one. The Signature Balanced Interlink does not push itself to the front, but is a silent force in the background, giving the two connected devices space to bring out the best chemistry between them. The Balanced Signature Interlink features a 3-fold shielding, and due to the special structure of the cable, it has an extremely low inductance and capacitance. This gives a very open and transparent sound signature, revealing the true potential of the system without any harshness. The cables are very durable, which guarantees constant quality in the future.

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Additional Length (each 25 cm)
Additional Length (each 25 cm)
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  • - Hand Made
    - Very low capacity
    - Non-inductive tin-plated extruded copper conductors
    - Teflon and cotton insulation
    - 3-fold shielding
    - Furutech FP-602f and FP 601m Rhodium connectors