Pink Faun STREAMER 3.4

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Pink Faun STREAMER 3.4 Passively cooled streamer, linear power supply with I2S SPDIF or USB output

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€ 3.490,00

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€ 3.490,00


Streamer 3.4

The streamer 3.4 is our entry model Roon Core server. Equipped with an linear PSU for the motherboard, a separate linear PSU for both the SSD and the digital output card the streamer 3.4 delivers an uncompromised quality in every audio system, where the included Roon Labs software delivers a smooth and stable control of the streamer 3.4 from a smartphone of tablet. Optional an extra SSD for music storage is possible up to 4TB.

The modular digital output stage of the streamer 3.4 ensures compatibility in the future when the’re are any changes in the DAC. The digital outputs card available for the streamer 3.4: 

I2S                          (32/192 PCM only up to 8 channels)
SPDIF                    (24/192, COAX, BNC, AES/EBU with optional clock out)
USB                       (PCM and DSD)
Netwerk             (i.e. Mergin NADAC or MicroRendu or SOtM SMS200)


-          Roon Labs lifetime subscribtion included

-          Linear ATX supply

-          No moving parts

-          Passieve koeling

-          PSu with a buffer capacity of 400.000 uF

-          8 linear regulated supplies

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Brand Pink Faun
Condition Nieuw