Soundstage Global about Pink Faun

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11 Nov 2016

An article written by Soundstage Global about Pink Faun on the show in Warschau (2016).

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19 Oct 2016

The Pink Faun LAN ISOLATOR is now available.

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Test Pink Faun DAC 3.32 + Streamer 3.4

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13 Aug 2016

In the July / August issue of Music Emotion, the Pink Faun Streamer 3.4 and the DAC3.32 has been subjected to a serious listening test by Jan de Jeu.

A Dynamic Duo in several respects, according to the reviewer. The report can be read through the link below. The article is written in Dutch.

Click here to read the article.

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Pink Faun Clock TCXO or OCXO

Triple M

30 Jul 2016

In the digital domain, the clock is one of the most important components. To achieve the best results with digital audio Pink Faun has developed a module that can accommodate various TCXO or OCXO clocks. The Pink Faun clock modules have a robust linear power supply with a buffer capacity of 10.000uF and various RF filters. The clock modules can be used in the digital signal path such as USB, SPDIF or I2S but can also serve as an upgrade for the motherboard of a computer-based music server. By replacing the motherboard clock by a much more accurate Pink Faun clock, errors in software, operating system and hardware are reduced; the processorload is reduced, resulting in a more natural and analog sound.

The Pink Faun clock modules are suitable for any digital device. Please contact us whether you like to know the Pink Faun clock module is an upgrade for your device as well.

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