Pink Faun has a limited number of dealers because we set high demands for our dealers like knowledge and service. Also we think it is very important to have direct interaction with our customers.


Triple M audio shop Rhenen Netherlands                             

Van Deventerstraat 10

3911KH Rhenen Nederland

0031(0)317 612358

Full range Pink Faun dealer


Triple M audio shop Poland 

Ul. Wolnosci 20

64-130 Rydzyna, Polska

Tel : 0048 570001110

Full range Pink Faun dealer


Peacock audio Netherlands                                                           

cable dealer


Bach Luidsprekers                                                                   

basic line dealer


Magna HIFI

Watervliet 8
1713 CS, Obdam

+31 (0)6 23454437 (Rob de Brouwer)

+31 (0)6 1075 5174 (Jos Schellevis)

Pink Faun streaming audio dealer

Pay attention!

Unfortunately, we have recently discovered several cables and devices that were sold as Pink Faun are fake. Only when you buy from the dealer list above you are sure to buy a genuine product of Pink Faun.