About Pink Faun

Who are we?
Pink Faun is a completely hand-made Dutch product that is produced and distributed by Triple M audio shop.
Pink Faun finds its origins in the trade of parts and tubes, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits, custom design, repairs and modifications. These well appreciated modifications and DIY kits resulted in customers asking for completely crafted audio products. 

What we do
Pink Faun doesn't care for high sale volumes or high profits. We like to delivere a very good and natural sound for a fair price. Pink Faun supplies small scale with in-house developed and handcrafted products. The use of special and unique components are one of our our big advantages, also we like to deliver direct service, and easily can adapt our products to customer's special demands.

Please contact us at info@pinkfaun.nl or Triple M audio shop for more information. We like to keep contact as directly as possible to deliver the best quality and service.



One of the first Pink Faun amplifiers (built around 2005) "the Active Amp".