Pink Faun FET PRE preamplifier

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Pink Faun FET PRE single-ended class A transistor preamplifier without feedback

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€ 1.890,00
€ 1.890,00


The Pink Faun FET PRE is a single-ended class A JFET transistor preamplifier without feedback. It has only 4 components directly in the signal. The FET PRE preamplifier is equipped with a display with an especially by Pink Faun created digitaly controled analog volume control. This regulator only has one fixed resistor in the signal. Besides a very good sound the FET PRE has additional functions like balance control and a home theater setting for passing the signal of a surround processor without quality loss. The FET PRE comes with a possibility to adjust the level of the sources to one another and to change the names of the inputs.

The Pink Faun FET PRE features a magnetic shielded low B supply transformer, especially wounded for Pink Faun, and a discrete active power supply regulator. Each channel has a passive power supply regulator with a very high bandwith which doesn't respond to the signal. This results in a peaceful black background and a lot of dynamism in the signal. The preamplifier is built with very fast diodes, low-esr capacitors with silver-mica bypass capacitors, and only Allen-Bradley resistors and militairy paper in oil output capacitors in the signal. The Tube Phono includes 1 pair of RCA inputs and 1 pair of RCA outputs. The FET PRE comes with a remote control.

The Pink Faun FET PRE is also available as Q-version. This version is fitted with the even better NOS glass sealed Sprague Vitamin-Q capacitors instead of the standard paper-in-oil output capacitors which results in more openness and a more peaceful and detailled sound.

Furutech option: With this option, the RCA connectors are replaced with Furutech FP-901 Rhodium connectors.

V-cap option: With this extension, the standard output capacitors are replaced with V-cap capacitors.


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