Pink Faun DAC 2.32

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Pink Faun DAC 2.32, 2x4 32 bits PCM1795 DACs with class A analoge tube output with zero feedback

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€ 4.990,00

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€ 4.990,00


The Pink Faun DAC 2:32 is the successor of the DAC 2. This next generation is equipped with four 32 bit Burr Brown PCM1795 DA converter ICs which allow four DACs per channel to do the DA conversion. This DAC 2:32 is controlled with an a-synchronous re-clock which results in a minimum degree of jitter. The DAC 2:32 plays formats PCM to 32 bit / 192kHz, DXD, DSD 64 and DSD 128. The Pink Faun DAC 4:32 SYM has a fully discrete I / V converter, connected directly to a tube output stage. This tube stage is equipped with Silvania Gold Brand NOS tubes but an other selection from our wide range of other types of tubes is also possible. The very short analog signal line without feedback gives this DAC an unique dynamic natural sound character.

The Pink Faun DAC 2:32 has an external very heavy power supply which keeps interference caused bij the supply from the DAC selection. The power supply has two low B power transformers, one for the analog and one for the digital part of the DAC, followed with active stabilization with a discrete regulator, then a passive regulation with a very high bandwith and an active regulator with a high frequency pi-filter per supply group. The DAC 2:32 contains 40 regulations in total. The DAC 2:32 is constructed with Schottky diodes, low-ESR tantalum capacitor with COG bypass for the digital part and low-ESR power capacitors with Teflon bypass condensators for the analog part. It has Allen Bradley resistors in the signal. This results in a very clean, black and quiet sound image.

The Pink Faun DAC 2:32 is equipped with two I2S inputs, two optical SPDIF, one coaxial SPDIF input and an AES / EBU input. The DAC 2:32 can be extended through plug-in cards These plug-in cards are available with  a fully electrically isolated 32/192 USB input, AES / EBU, I2S or additional SPDIF inputs. New developments are thanks to these plug-in cards easily to implement which prepares this DAC 2:32 for the future. The analog outputs are provided with a single ended rhodium RCA outputs and a balanced XLR outputs.

The unprecedented high level of the DAC 2:32 can be upgraded even further by certain expansions. Here are some possibilities:

DAC expansion card, every DAC expansion card adds eight additional DAC's. Three DAC expansion cards can be used which brings the total of DAC's to 32 units. Each card gives your DAC more precision, detail and peace, it will makes the sound even more natural. The DAC expansion card is easily placed.

Additional power supply, the DAC 2:32 is equipped with one external power supply by deffault, adding an additional power supply creates its own power supplies for left and right. This will bring more peace, depth and a larger soundstage. This additional power supply can be easily connected at home.

V-cap capacitors, the DAC 2:32 has NOS paper oil output capacitors with Teflon, these can be replaced with V-cap copper foil capacitors. When used single ended one pair of capacitors is enough, when playing symmetrical two pair of V-caps will be placed. This extension can be done in the shop while you wait.

Rhodium fuses, the DAC 2:32 supply contains two 10 mm fuses which can be replaced with Pink Faun 10 mm Rhodium fuses. This is also done in the shop while you wait.

PCX power cable, the Pink Faun PCX cables replace the standard power cables between the power supply and the DAC 2:32. Application of these cables provides a more peaceful, dynamic, natural sound.

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