Pink Faun IL-2dig interlink

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Pink Faun IL-2dig, digital Coax interlink with RCA or BNC connectors

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€ 175,00

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€ 175,00


The Pink Faun IL-2 DIG Interlink is specially made for S / PDIF signals. This digital interlink is built with Pink Faun non-inductive tinned copper cable with Teflon shield. This, and the special structure of the interlink cable which has a low inductance and capacitance match very well with the 75 ohm S / PDIF standard. The cable transmits digital signals with great tranquility and musicality. The durability of the cables is very large which also guarantees a constant quality in the future. The cable can be delivered with RCA or BNC connectors. The standard length is 80 cm.

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Brand Pink Faun
Condition Nieuw