Pink Faun PCX-ULTRA powercable

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Pink Faun PCX-Ultra topmodel cable with custom made Rhodium connectors

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€ 2.990,00

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€ 2.990,00


The Pink Faun PCX-ULTRA is the extreme version of the PCX-1, this cable is suitable for both sources as well as for pre and power amps. The cable is based on the Pink Faun non-inductive tinned copper cable with Teflon shield. The development of all major points of the PCX-1 provided this cable with a even better filtering effect. The cable is constructed with 25 shielded symmetrical accumulated veins. The cable is characterized by its natural appearance and gives a very peacefull sound and lots of dynamism. The standard length is 120 cm. The cable is terminated with Rhodium plated connectors and a 3mm one-piece wound steel housing.

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Brand Pink Faun
Condition Nieuw