Pink Faun PCX-1 powercable

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Pink Faun PCX-1 for all applications with Rhodium Furutech connectors

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€ 1.590,00

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€ 1.590,00


The Pink Faun PCX-1 Power cable is the top of our power cables, this cable is suitable for both sources as well as for pre and power amps. The cable is based on the Pink Faun non-inductive tinned copper cable with Teflon shield. By developing all major points of the PC-1 and PC-2 this cable has an even better filtering effect. The 7-fold structure  makes the cable very flexible and the power supply is not unnecessarily mechanically. The cable is characterized by its natural appearance and gives a lot of peace and dynamism. Standard length is 120 cm. This cable has special Furutech Piezo ceramic carbon series connectors.

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Brand Pink Faun
Condition Nieuw