Pink Faun TUBE PRE preamplifier

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Pink Faun TUBE PRE single-ended class A tube preamplifier without feedback

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€ 3.990,00
€ 3.990,00


The Pink Faun TUBE PRE is a single-ended class A tube preamplifier without feedback. It has only 4 components directly in the signal. The use of output transformers makes this preamplifier very neutral with lots of dynamics. The tube or tubes (depending on the type) are suspended in special rubber dampers and mounted in NOS Teflon tube sockets. The TUBE PRE preamplifier is equipped with a display with an especially by Pink Faun created digitaly controled analog volume control.This regulator only has one fixed resistor in the signal. Besides a very good sound the FET PRE has additional functions like balance control and a home theater setting for passing the signal of a surround processor without quality loss. The TUBE PRE comes with a possibility to adjust the level of the sources to one another and to change the names of the inputs.

The Pink Faun TUBE PRE has a separated powersupply housing, which features a magnetic shielded low B supply transformer, especially wounded for Pink Faun, and a discrete active power supply regulator.Each channel has a passive power supply regulator with a very high bandwith which doesn't respond to the signal. The heather supply is regulated by the especially designed Pink Faun VCCS. This results in a peaceful black background and a lot of dynamism in the signal. The preamplifier is built with very fast diodes, low-esr capacitors with silver-mica bypass capacitors, and only Allen-Bradley resistors and militairy paper in oil output capacitors in the signal. The Tube Phono includes 1 pair of RCA inputs and 1 pair of RCA outputs. The TUBE PRE comes with a remote control.

The Pink Faun TUBE PRE is standard available in three versions:
- TUBE PRE ST: is featured with a 6H30 tube. This double-triode tube is provided with a screen between both triodes with results in very little cross-talk between both channels.
- TUBE PRE DT: is featured with 2 single NOS Siemens EC93 single triode tubes. These tubes have a very open and musical sound. Also possible to upgrade to NOS Telefunken EC903 tubes.
- TUBE PRE DTA: is featured with 2 single NOS Siemens EC93 single triode tubes and special Tribute amorphous output transformers for even more peace and detail.

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