Pink Faun SC-1 speakercable

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Pink Faun SC-1 for >20W amplifiers with Furutech golden spades or banana connectors

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€ 995,00

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€ 995,00


This speaker cable is specially made for higher currents, such as low units or speakers with low efficiency that need a lot of control. The cable is based on the Pink Faun non-inductive tinned copper cable with Teflon shield. The whole cable to the connectors feature a special screening. The cable has a diameter of 2 x 5.3 mm2, 10AWG. The standard length is 2 x 2.5 meters. The cable is supplied with Furutech gold plated banana or spade connectors or a combination. Please note that when ordered to indicate which connectors should be on the amplifier side and which should be at the speakerside due to the direction of the cable.

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Brand Pink Faun
Condition Nieuw