Pink Faun DAC 4.32 SYM

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Pink Faun DAC 4.32 SYM, 32 bits DAC based on Burr Brown PCM1795 DA-converter IC

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€ 990,00
€ 990,00


The Pink Faun DAC 4:32 SYM has a fully discrete I / V converter, connected directly to a symmetrical class A output stage. It is driven by an a-synchronous re-clock which results in a minimum degree of jitter. The DAC 4:32 SYM plays formats PCM to 32 bit / 192kHz, DXD, DSD 64 and DSD 128. It comes with a I2S input making it suitable for use with the Pink Faun I2S bridge or a drive with I2S output.

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The Pink Faun DAC 4.32 SYM is constructed with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, low-ESR capacitors, custom designed low B supply transformer shielded with 5 mm steel and carbon composite resistors in the signal. The DAC is available in silver and black.

Furutech optie: Furutech option: The RCA connectors are replaced by Furutech FP-901 and FT-785 Rhodium connectors.

Fuse option: The fuse and fuseholder are replaced with Rhodium versions.


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Brand Pink Faun
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